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Hard&Soft Contest Rules

1. The contest task and any associated "must use" hardware, software and techniques will be announced at the opening of the contest on the first day. The task specification will be available on line after the Opening Ceremony.

2. Each team will work in a university laboratory environment. All the laboratories will have similar equipment and facilities and will be randomly allocated to the teams in the first day of the contest. The laboratories will be open daily, from 8:00 to 21:00. Hosting staff will be present in each room.

3. Each team will have four members, who must be enrolled students of the university they represent, verification may be requested.

4. Team Coaches and Advisers are only allowed in their team's lab during the first day of the contest (Monday) and during assessments.  A Coached and Advisors room will be allocated (D101) with network/internet facilities.

5. Technical Assistance will be available for the contestants in Room C307 for: component distribution, supply of minor components, device programming, report or data sheets printing, small mechanical works, PCB manufacturing and other support.

6. The task will be based on specific hardware, software, and techniques, which must form the core of a team's solution, additional components not obtained from Technical Assistance can be used but these must not replace those specified as the core of their design, teams are advised to obtain jury approval if they are unsure.

7. Public domain software can be used without restriction.

8. Contestants are allowed to use their own laptops and other mobile devices; network and internet access is available on campus.

9. Most activities should be carried out in the team's laboratory. The Jury will track progress by monitoring visits. Teams are honour bound to present work carried out by them alone and executed within the time frame of the contest.

10. Evaluation will be based on scheduled visits to the teams' laboratories: on a minimum of design documentation: and, on the final assessment, as detailed in the task specification on the first day.

11. The jury members may be consulted: in the Jury Room (C407, ext.655), during visits to the teams, or via other message exchange procedure agreed by the jury.

12. Equipment, logistics, and other technical endowments supplied to the team by the contest organisers must be returned on the last day of the contest, after the public presentation.

13. The official language of the contest is English.

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